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Bloom Yours is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) revolution rooted in your home. Each box contains everything you need to get creative: farm-fresh blooms, floral shears, arranging instructions, complimentary card, and loads of fun. Arrange it solo or arrange it with loved ones. Spend time together, make memories, and create beautiful arrangements in the comfort of your home. Happiness delivered to your doorstep.

To bring happiness to your home, simply go on the “SHOP” page and select your blooms. Fill out your shipping address (or multiple addresses if you are gifting someone). Be sure to add a “special note.” This will be handwritten inside your card. Proceed to fill out your billing information. We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. Click “Place Order.” Patiently await Bloom Yours on your doorstep the next* day.

*Possible 1-2 days delay due to current COVID-19 situation. Thank you for your patience.

We are ONLY SHIPPING TO CALIFORNIA at this time. Shipping is FREE. Next day local (LA and OC) deliveries. 1-2 days for other parts. Keep an eye out for nationwide shipping soon 🙂

Yes! Add multiple blooms to your cart. Click “Proceed to checkout.” For shipping addresses, select “ship to multiple addresses.” Save multiple addresses. Use drop-down menu to select which box is going where. Perfect way to surprise someone!

Unless you choose a specific delivery date, most orders are delivered within 1-2 days. 

We will do our absolute best to have your delivery the next day or the delivery date you selected. At this time, Bloom Yours is only delivering within California. 

Weekend deliveries subject to delays of 1-2 days for orders placed after Thursday 4:00 pm the same week. We will try our best to fulfill your delivery date; however, we recommend placing orders in advance for weekends.

Not at the moment. We encourage you to get creative with your blooms at home! Vase recommendations: glass jugs, water bottles, wine bottles, etc. 

Stay tuned for future updates 🙂

Since flowers are seasonal and each one is unique, we sometimes have to substitute for a similar color or type, depending on what is available. We will always try our best to  keep the arrangements as close to photo colors as possible.

All DIY Arrangement Kits include:

  • Farm-fresh blooms
  • Floral shears
  • Complimentary card
  • Flower care tips + arranging instructions
  • Flower food
  • Fun!

Get creative solo or with loved ones. Make memories. Great activity for couples or groups!

Not to worry! All of our flowers are farm-fresh which means they haven’t bloomed yet. Our blooms arrive in bud to give you the longest vase life possible at home.

SNIP & HYDRATE: Trim your stems ¾- 1 inch. Add in your flower food. Leave them in fresh water for 24-36 hours. Watch them perk up and bloom!

All roses have “guard petals” (the outermost petal) to protect them. We leave these on for you to remove when arranging. Keeping the guard petal protects your blooms until you’re ready to arrange them. Carefully remove the outer petal and watch your rose come to life!


Change your vase water every 3 days. Trim your stems every 3-4 days. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight.

Use the flower food provided in your box!

Though we try our best to maintain the highest quality blooms possible, if there is any damage once your box arrives, let us know. We will be happy to help. 

Due to shipping constraints, some boxes are delayed 1-3 days. We recommend ordering in advance to avoid any delays.

Check your shipping address!

Please note that we are only shipping within California at this time. If you are placing an order for an out-of-state address, the system will not allow you to complete your order. Stay tuned for shipping updates!

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